How to View Result Reports in the Truetox Client Portal

  1. Open the User Inbox or Location Inbox from the View Results section of the Copia menu bar.
  2. If you do not see the desired results when you first open one of the inboxes, use the Inbox Filter in either inbox page to change the timing, recipient, or location criteria for which results are displayed. If the report filter is hidden,click the “Show Filter” link to make the filter visible.
  3. Make any desired changes to the filter settings, and then click Refresh to display the filtered results in the Reports section of the page.
  4. To view the test result details in the Lab Report page, click an Order ID, and then select Lab Report. From the Lab Report page, you may do one or more of the following:
  5. To acknowledge a list of results, mark the Select checkbox for one or more results, and click Acknowledge Selected. Once you have acknowledged a report, Copy a displays a check mark in the Ac k’d column for the order.
  6. To print a list of results in the inbox, mark the Select checkbox for one or more results, and click Print Selected.
  7. Click the Acknowledge and Print Selected button to both acknowledge and print the selected reports.
  8. Click the Reprint Past Print Jobs button to select and print past print jobs.

Changing Your Password

  1. Click the My Preferences menu button and then click the Application sub menu link.
  2. Click the Change Password button on the Application page to access the Change Password page.
  3. If you have the necessary security rights, you may use the Change Password page to change the password you use to sign into the Portal. If you sign in after a Truetox System Administrator resets your password, the Portal displays the New Password page, so you may enter your new password for the system.

Feel free to call us at (844)-TRUETOX (878-3869) if we can be of any help.