Truetox Laboratory’s Research scientists devise and conduct experiments, as directed by the laboratory director or designee, in order to increase the body of scientific knowledge on topics related to toxicology. They also develop new, or improve existing methods related to high complexity testing. The results of method development are disseminated to the management staff through presentations or discussions that include evidence of a full method validation of test/s assigned.


Scientists also need to keep up to date with other research being carried out in, or related to, their field of study. Activities that enable them to stay in touch with developments and advances in their field include:

Each Technologist:

  • Reading relevant scientific literature and journals;
  • Attending scientific meetings and conferences in order to hear current and relevant presentations pertaining to toxicology.


  • Under the direction of Laboratory Director and in accordance with standards established in the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), perform laboratory experiments across a broad range of assays relating to high complexity method development and instrument validations.
  • Planning and conducting experiments and interpreting their results to management.
  • Perform method development and assist with validations. Operate laboratory instruments and equipment. Perform moderate to high complexity studies using mass spectrometry. Troubleshoot and problem solve with laboratory instrumentation and assay systems as needed. Make reagents to perform experimental testing.
  • Monitor and perform preventative maintenance as required for instrument performance. This includes but is not limited to daily and weekly tuning, monitoring pump pressures, and instrument cleaning.
  • Keep meticulous and organized records of research specimens, developed tests, instrument logs, and studies.
  • Identify problems that arise in method development and validation that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and immediately notify supervisors.
  • Conduct and document appropriate quality control and assurance procedures. Assist with quality assurance and performance improvement activities.
  • Aide in maintaining inventory for the laboratory, daily maintenance that includes but is not limited to cleanliness of work stations, temperature checks and proper storage and preparation of reagents.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Lab Sciences, Chemistry, or related field.
  • Ability to responsibly follow laboratory protocols and processes autonomously, consulting with supervisor/manager when needed.
  • Knowledge of basic clinical laboratory skills. Ability to operate LCMS/MS analyzers and other laboratory instrumentation, i.e. pipettes, centrifuge, etc.
  • Ability to work with self-discipline, good judgment, and independence while performing moderate to high complexity experiments.
  • Technical excellence and attention to quality and detail.
  • Ability to effectively present information both one-on-one and in small group situations.
  • Desire to be part of a fast-paced, rapidly growing start-up company.