Labeling & Shipping


  • Place the security seal over the top of the bottle.
  • Instruct the donor to initial the security seal.
  • Collector should verify the information provided by the donor and validate that the specimen was collected correctly.
  • Place the specimen label over the belly of the bottle, so that it covers each end of the security seal. (The specimen I.D. label can be prepared during or after specimen collection.)

Specimen labeling – Oral Fluid


  • Place the center of the security seal over the device lid.
  • Be sure that the specimen ID barcode runs lengthwise on  the collection tube.
  • Place collection device into Truetox plastic baggie
  • After labeling and sealing the specimens tightly, place urine specimen bottles and oral fluid collectors into  separate plastic baggies.

Specimen Shipping Procedure


After labeling and sealing the specimens tightly, place them into a Truetox branded plastic baggie.

UPS (5 or more) – Send via UPS Express services:

  1. Place the large zip-top bag inside the UPS Clinical Pak.
  2. Place requisition request forms in the Clinical Pak (outside zip-top bag). The requisitions must be shipped in the same Clinical Pak as the specimens. Sending them in a separate Clinical Pak may result in a delay of processing the specimens.
  3. Place 5 or more individually sealed specimens into the zip-top bag. All specimens must be secured within the zip-top bag.
  4. Seal the UPS Large Clinical Pak and attach a preprinted UPS Billable Stamp for UPS Standard Overnight shipping.
  5. Oral fluids and urine specimens may be sent in the same UPS Clinical Pak when sending 5 or more specimens (e.g. three urine specimens and two oral fluid specimens.)

The specimen may now be shipped to Truetox.

Please contact Truetox Laboratory at (844)-TRUETOX (878-3869).

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