HomeTox™ Testing

hometox testing

Drug testing is the best tool to provide information about an individual’s substance use and you don’t want that to stop because your site is closed and the patient can’t come to the clinic.

HomeTox™ TESTING is the answer

How it works

  • Truetox has created “HomeTox™ Testing” oral fluid patient kits, consisting of (contents may vary by location):

  • You would provide Truetox with a listing of patients to enroll in the HomeTox™ Testing program

  • Together we determine best way to get the kit to the patient

  • You can observe your patient’s oral drug test or if visual is not possible, the test can be performed unobserved.

  • Patient instructed to insert device into sample bag and then return the sample to Truetox. Together we will determine the best way to accomplish that.

  • Results are received within 48-72 hours of sample receipt.

Questions? Call us at (844-TRUETOX) or e-mail us at info@truetoxlabs.com and a sales representative will be in touch to discuss your HomeTox™ TESTING options.