Addiction Treatment

Truetox Laboratories, LLC gives you confidence in decision-making and improves the quality of patient care by providing the most advanced and accurate clinical tools available. Truetox offers indispensable information to support your assessment and treatment plans in all facets of addiction treatment.

Truetox Benefits

  • Clinical education programs on drug testing, designer drugs and related topics
  • Full-time forensic toxicologists available for consultation
  • Support complex dual diagnosis assessment and treatment
  • Flexible testing options to create individualized patient testing
  • Easy to read summary reporting to easily identify inconsistent results
  • Creatinine-adjusted drug values to appropriately monitor drug elimination
  • Medication Monitoring and compliance tracking
  • Abstinence confirmation and verification of self-reported drug use
  • On-line order entry and results delivery
  • System EMR interfacing capabilities
  • Practice management tools by location, ordering provider, modality, etc.
  • Quarterly and annual summaries of the practice to show improved outcomes

Vision & Mission

Truetox is committed to carrying on the commitment of its owners and stakeholders to respond to evolving health care challenges and provide superior technology and service to its customers. Our focus is to help our customers improve the quality of care, reduce costs and enable a new emphasis on patient-centered care. The effectiveness of our business depends upon the efforts of all employees working as a team to achieve excellence in patient care. People form opinions not only by the service that we provide but also by the courtesy and cooperation of our personnel, the quality of our administrative services and the breath of our testing platform. The contribution of each individual, regardless of function, is therefore vital to the success of Truetox, our customer and the patient.

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